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1. engaged
2. pro向前+duct引导,带来+ive→生产的;多产的
3. “我还给了他一个直言不讳的同性恋朋友,他会责备邦德,说:‘拜托,邦德,你是生活在20世纪,不是中世纪。’”
4. 6. Cutting Down on Saturated Fats Could Preserve Your Memory
5. n. 摘要
6. Will impeachment proceedings begin against Donald Trump


1. pne以前+vi路[引申为走]+ous→以前走过的→以前的
2. Adriana Lima sizzled in red, while Alessandra Ambrosio looked amazing just months after giving birth.
3. The Belt and Road Initiative: The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road
4. 今年,科学家们研究了对冲突表现出愤怒、拖延的消极策略,他们发现,久而久之这些反应会以某些特定方式预示与健康相关的变化。
5. 他们必须发自内心地明白,通过操纵选举、打击异见或者骚扰反对派让临时权力永久化是不合法的。
6. 在其他杯赛中,尽管没有做调查,但同样也呈现出类似趋势。


1. It makes piggybacks more comfortable.
2. 单词succumb 联想记忆:
3. 这62所大学在该榜单中占比达到12.4%,上榜大学的数量仅次于美国,其占比为27.8%。
4. 孙轶潇表示,他曾想撬开电梯门,但是他放弃了这个想法。相反,考虑到电梯出了故障可能会自由下坠,他选择背靠电梯。
5. ●Van Full Of Illegals Shows Up To Vote Clinton At SIX Polling Places, Still Think Voter Fraud Is A Myth?
6. original


1. He slipped a note through the door with the message "People stuck inside, please ask the property management for help," and hoped someone would pick it up and act on it.
2. 高效老板和经理们趋向于:
3. 节目32 歌曲《给我你的爱》,张杰 林宥嘉
4. 事发时,Lecent正与其他年轻人一起在Finch大道,Martin Grove路附近的一家酒吧,她被一颗子弹击中,抢救无效死亡。
5. Many are less than impressed by the cheesy indulgence, with the New York Daily News speaking to one dietitian who blasted the lack of nutritional value in the pizza's most expensive ingredient: the Ecuador-imported gold flakes.
6. Czech model Petra Nemcova went for a dress in white, which featured an extremely plunging neckline and thigh-high split. Ensuring that both her lithe legs were highlighted to the max, the stunning blonde made sure all eyes were on her as she sashayed down the red carpet.


1. 3.Porto, Portugal
2. Best chances: A best film nomination looks certain. Darkest Hour's Gary Oldman is the favorite for best actor, but if anyone can beat him it's probably Chalamet.
3. vt. 建议,推荐,劝告

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    That pushed the state share of total investment for the year to date down marginally to 36.6 per cent, still the largest share since 2011 and reflecting the outsize role of government spending in sustaining economic growth during 2016.

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    Australia is the No. 8 Best Country overall. The Land Down Under – No. 4 in Quality of Life and No. 9 in Adventure – also ranks in the top 10 in terms of education.

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    In P2P lending, borrowers are matched with investors, who are encouraged to put their money into the loans due to higher returns than they could get at state banks.