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1. 《权力的游戏》
2. 中国信息通信研究院的报告称,2016年国产手机出货量达4.98亿部,占国内手机总出货量的88.9%。
3. 10月份,日本工业产出环比增长1.4%,是自1月份出现4.1%的增幅以来增长最快的一次。这一数字高于9月份1.1%的增幅,不过仍低于经济学家1.8%的增长预期。
4. 同样地,如果TPP剩下的11国在美国退出后,能在日本的带领下设法挽救该协议,可能为该地区带来一些平衡。
5. 5) I take a gloomy view of things 0 1 2 3 4
6. trademark


1. Attractions: Festivities for the 2014 World Cup
2. At the same time, Apple is bringing in costly new components. These include an OLED display that makes the front of the phone into one continuous screen. Depth-sensing cameras will offer new “augmented reality” features and allow the device to be unlocked by face recognition, instead of fingerprint.
3. 乔布斯正在展示 iPad 2。2011年3月,旧金山
4. n. 会议记录,(复数)分钟
5. 国家统计局高级统计师绳国庆将这一下滑主要归因于食品价格下降了1.4%,这是15年来的首次下降。
6. n. 蝴蝶,蝶状物,蝶泳


1. The main culprit for the deceleration was food, though food inflation is higher than the overall index. Food prices were up 1.9 per cent in October, down from 2.7 per cent in September and 3.7 per cent in August. Non-food inflation ticked down 0.9 per cent from 1.0 per cent.
2. The US and European steel industries have accused China’s heavily subsidised sector of flooding the global market with steel, “dumping” it by selling below production costs and driving down international prices. The collapse in steel prices in recent years has caused the closure of mills across the world from Australia to the UK and parts of the US industrial heartland.
3. According to file-sharing news site TorrentFreak, "Game of Thrones" has an estimated 5.9 million downloads per single episode. That number does not include online streaming and cyberlocker downloads, which would make the figure significantly higher. By contrast, "Game of Thrones" has an estimated 5.5 million TV viewers per single episode。
4. One of the things that makes Guardians such a great superhero franchise is its sense of humor—which is full of self-deprecation and sarcasm. It's not like you're going to watch this movie and laugh your way through it, but you'll at least have some moments of "ha ha, Groot," and "lolololol Chris Pratt."
5. intended
6. n. 争斗,战斗


1. The Chinese comedy Never Say Die has brought in an impressive $326 million worldwide to date.
2. n. 框,结构,骨架
3. 而在一年前,台湾的反华人士就选择了向日葵作为他们反华事业的标志。
4. The sharp decline in unemployment will start to seem real
5. 1. Wal-Mart Stores
6. We have always adopted an open mind and approach to the various regional trading arrangements, and we will also welcome progress in these arrangements or proposed arrangements. China will continue to remain engaged and participate in the liberalization of global trade.


1. com共同,promise发誓:停战妥协就是两个国家共同发誓不打仗的产物。
2. The Belty is great that it uses technology to track fitness, water intake, and posture, but for $395, you might be better off getting the same in a stylish smart watch or activity tracker.
3. ['?mnesti]

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