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资金收紧中小房企陷危局:有的卖项目 有的赴港上市

十三五规划不再投入LED行业补贴 说明

全国住宅用地闲置已超23万亩 八年来净增近六成

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1.江西启动“电能替代”工作 南康家具产业成唯一试点
2.买房半价、800万元安家补助 各地为了招人拼了 房价会怎样?
3.9月30日前投入运营 大兴机场创造多个世界第一
4.蛇口公馆获批预售许可 万科:10日内确定摇号方案并开盘
5.前9月全国商品房销售额49227亿元 下降8.9%
6.房地产中介满意度榜单出炉 链家获双料第一


1. Technology:Cadillac will introduce high-resolution video streaming in the rearview mirror, which improves the field of vision by about four times greater than a traditional mirror by removing obstructions like pillars and passengers. Just the thing for aging Cadillac drivers with stiff necks. Coming next: a “beep, beep, beep” signal like that used by garbage trucks whenever the car is driven in reverse.
2. But a quick look at the changing skyline betrays a frustrating reality: Those shiny new towers have failed to deliver the type of housing most New Yorkers can afford. “There is a disconnect between what we’re building and what we need to build,” said Jonathan J. Miller, the president of the appraisal firm Miller Samuel. “2015 is going to be more of that.”
3. The diplomatic row began when Ankara’s foreign minister was denied entry to the Netherlands on Saturday for a campaign rally in favour of Mr Erdogan’s constitutional reforms. Armed Dutch police also intercepted another Turkish minister, Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, on her way to the rally in Rotterdam and escorted her back to the German border.
4. “Selling out!” “Pandering to the Americans!” The cries went up immediately when the official selection was announced. The list of directors crossing over to make films in English was a long one including the Italians Matteo Garrone and Paolo Sorrentino, Yorgos Lanthimos of Greece, Norway's Joachim Trier and even Guillaume Nicloux of France, a country whose cultural establishment is highly sensitive to the creeping Anglophone menace. The argument goes that Cannes is supposed to be a haven for world cinema; for English, there is Hollywood. But does it really matter? Films at Cannes in languages other than French or English play with subtitles in both languages – and that's a lot of text to deal with.
5. [flait]
6. “听起来,哈佛对学生的私生活管得太宽了”,曾为OJ?辛普森等多位名人做过代理律师的德肖维茨说。


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3、家居市场进入淡季 众卖场齐齐搞促销
4、全面布局数字营销产业链 万润科技未来仍然存在收并购预期
5、家居环保“利剑”出鞘 多项新标准近期颁布


      西西软件园 In my life, I have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterfilies, but now I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see. 我一生的梦想就是能看到成群的野生动物,茂盛的丛林和大片的雨林中到处是鸟类和蝴蝶在飞舞。但是现在我想知道我们这些小孩是否还能再看到它们?