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韩正:落实城市主体责任 稳地价稳房价稳预期

新华社:长风破浪会有时——探寻中国经济的底气 说明

智能照明:若不实用 一切都是“浮云”

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1.海外照明巨头出售业务 中国资本整合机会到来
3.多家物管禁止共享单车进小区 居民们有话说
4.限购最严城市珠海正降低门槛 社保5年改1年


1. “He’s informal, candid and approachable,” says Ginni Rometty, chief executive of IBM, who praises him as “very authentic. It’s the hallmark of a modern CEO. What you see is what you get.”
2. 6.Put people first
3. All kinds of companies say they plan to add senior systems analysts, whose base pay is projected to rise 5% over this year's levels, to as high as $85,500; financial analysts, whose salaries will start at $81,500 at large companies, 4.8% more than in 2010; and experienced administrative assistants, at starting salaries of up to $41,750, a 3.1% increase.
4. NPLs rose from 1.25 per cent of total loans to 1.67 per cent by the end of 2015, amounting to Rmb1.27tn held by commercial banks.
5. Whatever happened to ‘Never complain; never explain' – the unofficial motto of the House of Windsor?
6. 科技


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3、三城限购“松绑”并非“调方向” 调整或越来越多
4、硅藻泥质量参差不齐 价格虽高贵却不乏尝鲜者
5、京上半年52万人提公积金租房 程序大幅简化
6、货币宽松期决定本轮楼市回调 不可能超过上一轮....


      西西软件园 Newly launched Eleven James is bringing collaborative consumption to men’s watches. With a membership program offering access to a curated collection of high-end watches, Eleven James is extending the membership model that has previously been associated with private jets, luxury cars and vacation homes. Beyond the watches, members are enrolled in a dedicated loyalty program which includes a concierge service, access to partner benefits and unique experiences like watch-themed events. Sounds a little bit like men’s watches meet a Net Jets experience? Founder Randy Brandoff has deep experience in luxury marketing, having previously served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Net Jets and the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Marquis Jets. Combining his expertise with a watch industry that’s grown year over year and a business model that’s proven successful in other markets, it looks like Eleven James could be hitting the market at just the right time.
      The awards returned Ms. Lawrence, a winner last year for Russell's 'Silver Linings Playbook,' to the stage for an acceptance speech-something she said was no easier a year later.