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1. May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!
2. 下面是今年最令人难忘的四个设计,包括参与塑造这些造型的一些艺术家们的评论。
3. stroke
4. 节目35 歌曲《美丽中国》,沙宝亮 徐千雅
5. Emma Morano’s singular achievement in life may have been perseverance. She lived for 117 years, crediting her longevity to raw eggs and her lack of a husband. She died on April 15.
6. Like many child stars, Maddie speaks of being old before her time.


1. 对投资者来说,这一切都是坏消息。而现在恰好是美国30年债券牛市行情即将终结的时候。
2. The US electoral college has failed doubly.
3. 7.Thought-Controlled Bionic Legs
4. Alice Schwarzer, who has battled for women’s rights for years, is stunned that “an old-school sexist” like Donald J. Trump could win the United States presidency.
5. Foreigners with permanent residence enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens, such as in investment, housing purchases and schooling, among other rights.
6. authority


1. 其中,在
2. Letizia Battaglia chronicled Palermo’s Mafia wars in the 1970s and ’80s for a local newspaper. Now, her images appear in museums and retrospectives.
3. 自从2015年,唱作人杜阿·里帕就持续发表了一系列单曲,从最初的那首轻佻的《Be the One》(《成为你的唯一》)到最后那首大获成功的《Hotter Than Hell》(《热得过火》),这两首歌都被收录到她的首张专辑中。
4. While 221 people fell off the billionaires list this year, 198 people joined the ranks. Twenty-nine from the 2015 list died, while another 29 rejoined the list after having fallen off.
5. 《死侍》将于2016年2月12日爆笑上映。 当然,电影中还有不少动作和杀戮场景。
6. It is unknown why there was still a Best Actress duplicate available when Beatty walked on stage.


1. 然而,北方高等商学院毕业生的国际化流动程度最高,2014届毕业生有85%曾在国外工作。
2. The show’s sense of humor remains keen without relying on nudity, swearing and sexting. This gives the show a refreshing aura in an age where shows are constantly trying to push the envelope in terms of racy content.
3. Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province made the biggest progress in improving traffic with measures including vehicle restrictions and better road links, said the report.
4. Zhang Jingxiu, executive director of Beijing-based employment consultancy Newjincin Research Institute, said he didn't monitor the significant decrease of students' willingness to start businesses, but he does admit the desire to found startups among students on campus is low.
5. 'In the meantime, the U.S. continues to grow its own domestic production both in oil and gas. I think, for us, it's less about where the actual price is going--it's more about how much more growth is left in North American oil sands, shale gas, shale oil,' as well as shale exploration elsewhere, he said.
6. 是什么让菲尔普斯这么开心?


1. v. 扩充,延伸,伸展,扩展
2. 14) When socializing, I don't find the right things to talk about 0 1 2 3 4
3. 2012年有哪些品牌通过社交媒体提升了它们的声誉?哪些公司则越来越差了?

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