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1. Winners at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards :
2. GMAT平均分:700分
3. 猪肉和蔬菜价格均同比下降了逾8%。
4. 2. The new one childplus policy will substantially raise the birth rate, contributing up to 2million new children to the 2014 economy, a 15 percent one-year lift that willonly further boost consumer morale and spirit.
5. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivers a government work report during the opening meeting of the fourth session of the 12th National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Mar 5, 2016.
6. n. 理解力,智力


1. 4.You Don't Like Most of Your Coworkers
2. 荷兰合作银行(Rabobank)大宗农产品市场主管斯特凡.沃热尔(Stefan Vogel)表示,中国是推动农产品市场的最引人注目的变数。
3. [in'tennli]
4. 值得一提的是,优步和特斯拉也未能上榜。“优步和特斯拉都在创新,但用专利数量、成功、全球化和影响力进行衡量,都不足以上榜,”Stembridge说道。“还有,这两家公司在2010-2014年这段时间也没有获得超过100项的专利技术,从而达到该榜单要求。”
5. Rounding out the top three is Fleetwood Mac at $59.5 million. Though the band contains three men, it also boasts two high-profile ladies—Stevie Nicks and the recently-returned Christine McVie—rendering the group eligible for this list. Its On With The Show tour included 86 concerts during our scoring period, grossing well over $1 million per city.
6. 单词charming 联想记忆:


1. The raised decoration shows a cartouche — an oval frame around Egyptian hieroglyphics indicating a royal name. Above the frame archaeologists could make out the symbol of an eye and that of a cobra.
2. Adapted from an online novel Queen of No.11 Agent, the TV series is about the adventure of a female slave Chu Qiao and her romance with a prince Yan Xun.
3. n. 不和谐,刺耳声,震动,震惊,广口瓶
4. Are you ready for a summer scare? Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist is set to hit the screens on June 10, 2016. We reckon that this is going to be a good horror movie.
5. 4. Stop eating, gotta get those cheekbone sharp enough to cut butter.
6. FlightAware以航班跟踪应用程序而为旅行者所熟知,从2010年到2012年,这家网站按照美国交通部的规定,统计了感恩节和冬季假期(圣诞节至新年)旅行期间美国18家大航空公司和地区航空公司的航班延误情况。


1. 201001/93691.shtml
2. vt. 创立,开始,制
3. 7. The legacy of a celebrated neuroscientist is contested
4. 安娜的头发比查斯顿本来的发色浅,有时安娜向后撩头发时会露出这两个层次,有点戏谑,但仍不失威严。
5. Two of Summly’s employees will move to Yahoo’s California headquarters, but – for now – Mr D’Aloisio is resisting the lure of Silicon Valley.
6. Master of None


1. A 9.1-percent drop in the annual average density of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) was seen in 74 major cities.
2. The Education Ministry has also taken some measures, such as canceling testing results and noting cheating in personal records.
3. 埃德加?赖特的《极盗车神》是本年度、十年内、甚至是本世纪最激动人心的飞车电影了。

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