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1. vt. 超过,胜过,超出界限
2. 好市多首席执行官克雷格杰利内克
3. 10.Selfie Sticks
4. 5. Lacking confidence in your career intuition
5. 中国外汇储备出现史无前例的下跌,已经引发市场担心:如果资本外流持续下去,而央行继续捍卫汇率,外储可能迅速蒸发。多数分析师相信,中国央行将被迫缩减干预力度,以免外汇储备进一步枯竭。


1. China Mobile, supply chain rumors are emerging about Apple’s next significant product releases. Digitimes reports that according to “sources from the upstream supply chain, ” Apple is planning to release a 5-inch iPhone 6 “phablet” this coming May and a large tablet in October.
2. 马云及其家族在IT行业的财富总额为1950亿元;腾讯控股创始人马化腾位居第二,其财富同比上涨了30%,至1340亿元。
3. 这个触动人心的成长故事完美捕捉了一个人从青少年初长为成年人的甜蜜又苦涩的阶段。
4. Still, there are bulls in the market.
5. 萝丝王
6. 9. HitTail


1. 实际上,1至10月份的增速小幅升至8.3%。该指标大致反映了长期支出。
2. 单词inspection 联想记忆:
3. “An employee left a sticky note saying that he was quitting.”
4. Female and male participants typically have similar profiles at the start of their EMBA.
5. 《一名拍摄黑手党的西西里摄影师和她的“鲜血档案”》(A Sicilian Photographer of the Mafia and Her ‘Archive of Blood’)
6. In an explanation released alongside the latest data, the statistics bureau credited ongoing growth in producer prices in part to coal extraction and washing prices, up 15.4 per cent for the period and accelerating 11.3 percentage points from a month earlier.


1. 土豆网上有关于这个的记录电影,还有11集中英对照的片子,有兴趣的亲可以找来看看。
2. It is a timely warning. His findings, he writes, “point to a heightened risk of emerging market crises in the coming years as the Fed continues to normalise interest rates”.
3. fT0awloSPOsF,bqnZ)
4. 今年银幕上的发型和化妆各式各样,大胆新颖,从《魔法黑森林》(Into the Woods)中女巫卷曲、蓬乱的蓝色调鬃毛,到《激乐人心》(Get On Up)中詹姆斯·布朗(James Brown)微微发亮、精心塑造的大背头。有时,秃头也能发挥作用,比如《法老与众神》(Exodus: Gods and Kings)中拉美西斯的秃头、重眼影造型。
5. 1、死侍
6. The biggest story of the festival had nothing to do with films. It was about shoes. On Tuesday trade magazine Screen reported that a group of women had been denied access to a screening of Todd Haynes' Carol because their footwear – flat shoes with rhinestones – was unsuitable for the red carpet. Further tales came tumbling forth, social media erupted in indignation and soon enough we were soon dealing with a fully fledgedscandale. The Cannes press office rushed out a garbled statement: “Rules have not changed throughout the years (Tuxedo, formal dress for Gala screenings) and there is no specific mention about the height of the women's heels as well as for men's. Thus, in order to make sure that this rule is respected, the festival's hosts and hostesses were reminded of it.” Well, that cleared that up. Perhaps wisely, press screenings are exempt from any dress code: scruffy journalists are free to ascend the Palais' steps in flip flops and trainers.


1. Bill Gates topped the list of the world's richest billionaires for the 17th time in 22 years, it has been revealed.
2. n. 前进,航行速度,进展,(前后两车间的)车间时距
3. The Chinese mainland had a population of 1.37 billion, an increase of 33.77 million people over the census taken in 2010, meaning the annual growth rate was 0.5 percent.

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