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1月70个大中城市房价趋稳 楼市调控凸显“一城一策”

6月佛山陶瓷价格指数出炉 建材市场预期走低 说明

清远源潭最多保留84条陶瓷生产线 逾14产能要被淘汰

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1.南京去年新房卖了6.2万套 个别板块“一房难求”
2.绿色建材望受益新型城镇化 概念股受益程度不一
3.马年悄然而至 家居人前方的路该如何走?
4.一线城市拿地已现风险 房企密集布局二线城市
5.防水行业有效供给不足 “供给侧改革”战役需打响


1. 单词lasting 联想记忆:
2. overall
3. The PPI has been negative for 44 consecutive months, reflecting excess supply of housing materials and raw materials, and overcapacity in heavy industry.
4. You may already use Google Calendar, but are you using it wisely? Here’s a secret: only put stuff on your Google Calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. Use iPhone Reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). Following this strategy will help you stay more sane.
5. 上海交易所和深圳交易所总共完成了61宗IPO交易,较2015年同期分别下滑了67%。融资总额288亿元人民币,较2015年同期分别下滑了80%。
6. 3.Pay no attention to those bow-tied etiquette experts you sometimes see on CNN International, telling you how to behave while in Britain. These people are generally of dubious provenance, normally live in California and tend to peddle advice that is either irrelevant or out of date. For example, they will often say that Britons love queuing and are so fond of apologising that they will often say "sorry" even when something isn't their fault. In reality, Britons are just as likely to jump to the front of a queue and then punch the person behind them for coughing. It all depends on how muggy it is.


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2、地板因质量问题7年没提货 百安居要收17万元仓储费
4、链家首付贷业务刹车 楼市杠杆监管“因地制宜”
5、济南严打楼市调控谣言 重申调控不动摇
6、穿透式监管趋严 房地产信托快速增长时代料终结....


      西西软件园 几年前,有人发明了一辆会飞的自行车,叫做"Paravelo"。称一辆自行车会飞,并不是开玩笑,而是这辆自行车真的会飞(车头有一个巨大的降落伞)。它在陆地和空中的时速分别为25千米(15英里)和40千米(25英里),可飞至1200米(4000英尺)高空。最棒的地方是什么呢?那就是你不需要有飞行驾照。Paravelo号称世界上第一辆会飞的自行车,但我们必须指出它并不是第一辆会飞的自行车。