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新政效应滞后 部分二线城市春节成交量不增反减

重庆建筑防水材料或将贴上二维码“身份证” 说明

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2.女性独立买房激增 正带来“独立”婚姻观
3.房价明显低于市场价 是捡漏还是陷阱“中高收入阶层”已经超过一亿!有你吗?


1. China’s commercial aerospace ambition has long been known, but a few recent milestones are bringing it closer to realization.
2. 最近几年,中国赴韩旅游出现了蓬勃发展,这让韩国的零售商高兴不已,不过也激怒了韩国国内的游客,因为他们发现韩国旅游景点被来访游客淹没。
3. And, thanks to Artnet and other databases that list auction results, wealthy people who buy art have become all too aware of how hard it is to make a profit on old masters.
4. Marlohe will shoot the Malick film concurrently with the ongoing press tour for Skyfall.
5. Bored with your day-to-day life? It’s time to go on an adventure and refresh yourself! The Antarctic is undoubtedly a good choice. Watching native penguins playing and seeing millions of seabirds flying across the sky is much more exciting than watching TV documentaries. Imagine how cool and fascinating it is to be in a world of majestic icebergs and unexplored mountain ranges. But remember, it’s a polar region, so prepare well before you set off. Insulated boots, warm coats, gloves, wool socks and hats are a must.
6. "Has anybody ever told you that you're a very pretty girl?" With these words to his co-star Elizabeth Taylor on the set of the 1963 movie Cleopatra, Richard Bu


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2、中央政治局:要下决心解决好房地产市场问题 遏制房价上涨
3、多地保障房重完工轻分配 入住率低上演“空城计”
4、抑过剩谋转型 建材业阴霾之间着春意
5、板式木门陷入市场冲击 重视环保才可破局重生