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1. We will develop cultural programs and industries.
2. 关于7月9日的枪击案,调查人员已逮捕两名年轻人,其中一名18岁。
3. Epic Games游戏工作室对包括迦勒·罗杰斯在内的两个人进行了法律诉讼,因为他们使用作弊软件来玩《堡垒之夜》这个游戏。
4. 去年八月北韩一位边界士兵试图射击一些气球,但最终引致了边界双方的一场重机枪交火。
5. vt. 创立,开始,制
6. 5. It's a dog's life for the British


1. 单词calendar 联想记忆:
2. 这一点,在他首次公开自己的性取向时表现得再突出不过了。
3. n. 保守派(党),
4. convenient
5. 单词succumb 联想记忆:
6. 5. Google Webmaster Tools.


1. pr(iHbd+xg|gPd&q+&+Y
2. 当然,我不是说你应该盲目地接受摆在面前的一切机会,花时间权衡一下利弊是对的。但当你想要说“No”时,你要确信是出于正当的理由,而不是因为心怀恐惧。
3. It is revealed that Hadid's visa application was turned down after she offended many by squinting her eyes in an attempt to impersonate the Buddha in February.
4. China has broken into the world's top 25 innovative economies for the first time, thanks to investments in education and research and development that have translated into new patents and licenses, a study said on Monday.
5. As supporters kept streaming toward the Capitol building, one yelled out, “Today, a new Puerto Rico begins!” to the cheers of others, including those holding U.S. flags.
6. 低效的邮件沟通包括很多内容,从不及时回复邮件,到表达不清等问题都包括其中。如果你没有及时回复邮件的好习惯,你可能会错过重要的会议或者是截止日期,造成推迟以及迷惑,被认为是不专业的。


1. [?'strein]
2. “We weren’t looking to throw the bums out, as they might say about an election. We were just really impressed with a flood of new powertrains, ” says Drew Winter, WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief. “What was great yesterday might be less impressive tomorrow because engine technology is changing so rapidly.”
3. “暂时没有名字的泡沫”依然是泡沫。但美国人太不在乎、太麻木、太不接受事实,所以听不到警告声音。这让我想起2000年3月20日我一篇文章的标题:“下次崩盘,对不起你们永远不会听到它的到来”(Next crash, sorry you'll never hear it coming)。
4. 根据康奈尔大学、英士国际商学院和世界知识产权组织联合发布的这一份报告,这使得中国成为中等收入经济体中该指标的领先者,紧随其后的是已经超过巴西的印度。
5. His strategic shift away from corporate strategy was in spite of the fact that his own school had deterred him from making a career in education, even though he had worked as a private tutor.
6. 此外,排名前列的城市的“成本”、“文化与居民生活”两项指标普遍不高。在满足民众需求、并提供高质量生活方面,中国的“机遇城市”仍然面临挑战。


1. The issues addressed in friends — relationships, careers, and friendship — continue to be relevant to today’s youth.
2. Wang Ki-young, a director at South Korea’s culture ministry, said on Friday that Chinese authorities had ordered tourism agencies in Beijing to halt tours to South Korea from mid-March. Mr Wang said the move would be expanded to other provinces.
3. 10. Run the Jewels “Run the Jewels 2” (Mass Appeal) Speaking of urgent and stinging, Killer Mike and El-P, veteran underground rappers from different scenes, found firm traction on their second round as Run the Jewels. Their flow is strong and their focus is furious on an album that calls out power structures but lets nobody off the hook.

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