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百城房价涨势乏力 全面放开二孩或提振楼市 说明

雷曼推进体育产业战略 拟7.8亿收购华视新文化

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1.降息后一二线楼市现回暖迹象 房价仍有下行趋势
2.红五月不红 二手房买卖双方博弈正在悄然上演
3.硅宝科技发欲罢免董事长缘由 提请代表人称不得已为之
4.社科院预测明年楼市或调整 房企仍然持续买地
6.“双降”利好资金有望流入 楼市或量升价涨


1. China’s official producer price index rose 1.2 per cent year-on-year in October, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, marking the second straight month of rising prices after 53 months of annualised contraction finally ended in September.
2. Most entrepreneurs (78 per cent)used savings or relied on friends and family to raise all or part of their start-up funds. Angel financing was also a source for a quarter of entrepreneurs.
3. 紧随Fitbit和谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)之后,许多公司开始蜂拥进入这一市场,带来了许多装有感应器的臂章、服饰以及眼镜。这个领域现在炙手可热,但最早使用这些设备的人们似乎都在等待那个时刻,让他们不再显得特立独行。(你知道的,谷歌眼镜的粉丝们现在有了个专门的贬义称呼“Glasshole”。)
4. conduct
5., a career website owned by Adicio Inc., ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook. The firm used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies to determine the rankings. As in prior years, the 200 jobs were selected for their relevance in the current labor market as well as the availability of reliable data.
6. China's Internet industry is often derided as a realm for knockoffs, especially of companies banned in China. Chinese search giant Baidu Inc. has a website that looks like Google Inc's. Tencent's flagship product, instant messaging service QQ, was launched in 1999 as OICQ and had similar functions to then-popular instant messaging service ICQ. Sina Corp.'s Weibo, a popular microblogging service, is invariably described as 'Twitter-like' in the Western media.


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3、新华社:融资、兼并、激励 资本市场多途径向企业注活力
4、杭州摇号细则出台后楼市生变 购房者放弃二手房
5、3天又见12宗地王 地价房价相促增涨存高风险
6、南京金鹰A座楼顶失火 当地消防已赴现场救援....


      All-cash buyers. Skittish lenders. Skyrocketing prices. Anemic listings. These realities haunt buyers, turning the house hunt into a demoralizing slog. Unfortunately, buyers will probably have to soldier through another year of a market that favors sellers.