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1. Usain Bolt was the most searched-for non-UK Olympian.
2. With this in mind, he does anticipate a pick-up in US investment “because it has been so weak — we don’t normally see it grow at a lower pace than consumption except in a recession”.
3. This has given “edtech” start-ups, such as Silicon Valley-based Coursera and London-based FutureLearn, a foothold in the market. Expect them to continue this year, perhaps with a merger with a bricks-and-mortar higher education establishment.
4. silicon
5. That was a less marked jump than the 3 percentage point rise from August to September, however, suggesting recent curbs to property purchases may be having some effect.
6. 依然年轻


1. neg否认+lect选择→不选择→忽视,不顾
2. The United Kingdom ranks No. 3 overall. It ranks No. 4 in Power and No. 5 in Cultural Influence.
3. Honestly if you want to laugh your way through a Netflix original movie, please just watch The Incredible Jessica James because it's a delightful romantic comedy that blows everything else out of the water.
4. 中国的创新表现有所改善,在"创新质量"方面排名第17,这是个考量高校水平、科学出版物数量和国际专利申请量的指标。
5. 这张专辑贯穿了新浪潮音乐、电子舞曲和流行舞曲,是清新悦耳又充满乐趣的流行音乐珍品。
6. 影片讲述了一个神秘的水生生物和莎莉霍金斯扮演的哑女之间超凡脱俗的爱情故事。


1. Dwight Howard
2. However, the competition in the finance industry was also fierce. Graduates were advised to start with entry-level jobs and constantly improve their comprehensive capabilities to stay competitive.
3. Best chance: If there are nine or 10 best picture nominees, it could grab a spot. Jordan Peele's screenplay looks certain to be recognized.
4. Many people think, "If I work extra hard, I'm going to get noticed." But it doesn't work that way. If you want to advance, some of the responsibility falls on you to toot your own horn. Make sure your supervisor and your supervisor's supervisor are well of aware of what you're contributing.
5. 其他地方已经出现了这种情况。
6. The office predicts the number of football schools will increase to 20,000 this year and reach 50,000 by 2025.


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2. In early November the government further tightened controls over outbound investment by requiring regulatory approval for some foreign acquisitions conducted through an offshore entity.
3. [s?'plai]
4. n. 元素,成分,组成部分,(复数)恶劣天气
5. How the longer maternity leave policy is implemented is up to local governments to decide. Specific and legally-binding measures should be worked out at the national level to ensure the policy is carried out and properly enforced to ensure that women are not discriminated against by employers obsessed with minimizing their labor costs.
6. encouragement


1. 不会。随着美联储收紧货币政策并扩大美国与日本的利率差,2018年日本央行的日子会更不好过。但是日本央行行长黑田东彦(Haruhiko Kuroda)已决心只会因一件事而上调利率,那就是通胀。如果通胀开始加速,日本央行可能会让收益率曲线略微上扬,但到2018年年底时日本实际利率不会高于年初时的水平。
2. The Shape of Water
3. Best Companies rank: 11

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