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1. McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington DC returns to the custom ranking in 15th place after dropping out last year because of a low survey response rate from clients. Only three schools enter the custom ranking for the first time, including London’s Cass Business School in 60th place.
2. adj. 聪明的,时髦的,漂亮的,敏捷的,轻快的,整洁的
3. vt. 作 ... 姿
4. A teenage student in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has been sentenced to one year in jail after trying to poison fellow students for being too noisy in class, local media reported last Wednesday.
5. 上周四公布的一项数据显示,两所中国顶尖大学跻身今年《泰晤士报高等教育专刊世界大学声誉排行榜》的前20名。
6. The number of country rankings published this year rose to 42, up from 38 last year. The newly featured countries are Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan and Romania.


1. Summly was backed by Horizons Ventures, the venture capital arm of Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, and other tech and media names including actors Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry, Spotify’s Shakil Khan and Zynga’s Mark Pincus .
2. This is BBC Sherlock, so your Watson isn’t stupid. He's rather smart in his own way and insecure about his sexuality (probably straight).
3. 单词survival 联想记忆:
4. 2013年日圆兑美元下跌21%,这为日本吸引来1,000万海外游客,尽管中日两国在东中国海(中国称东海)存在领土争端,然而这些游客中有许多是来自中国的富人。
5. 节目5 创意器乐演奏《琴筝和鸣》雅尼(美国)、常静等
6. Most common passwords of 2013:


1. ['?:b?n]
2. Are Some Molds Dangerous?
3. budget
4. 单词approval 联想记忆:
5. 国际消费类电子产品展
6. The 2017 grads of Tsinghua University earn an average salary of 9,065 yuan per month, according to the survey released by, an internet salary survey and report provider.


1. 可穿戴设备公司Atlas Wearables创始人彼得o李表示,电池技术和用户的保守是可穿戴市场面临的两大障碍。他说,在一些情况下,电池技术需要有足够大的改进才能实现足以激发用户兴趣的体验,而在穿戴时间、充电时间、处理能力和产品特点上,各家公司也需要做出平衡。
2. Moreover, as some of the firm’s business involves advising the government on education, such recruits’ expertise is invaluable.
3. 8. 《疯狂的麦克斯4:狂暴之路》,导演:乔治·米勒。
4. 安联:小奥运会
5. 10. Deepika Padukone - $10 million
6. 尽管小小年纪她的事业就取得了如此惊人的成就,但如果给自己的成就打分,且10分满分的话,玛蒂只给自己打9分。


1. vt. 为 .
2. Schools relied on a wide range of technologies to ensure lively interactive delivery of their programmes including virtual classrooms, live sessions and multimedia teaching materials. Alumni were asked to rate delivery as well as indicate how effective online exams were. Results were encouraging. Schools appear to be getting better at online delivery. Every aspect of online delivery was rated higher than it had been in previous years, showing a greater level of satisfaction.
3. ‘I Could Not Forget What Happened to Me That Night With Him’

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