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1. No, this doesn't mean you should abandon your LinkedIn profile for fear of a suspicious boss. But it does mean you should be more careful. For one, turn off your activity broadcasts so that every savvy move you make isn't announced to your entire network. Here's how: From the homepage, hover over your photo in the top right corner, and click on "Privacy & Settings." From this page, click "Turn on/off your activity broadcasts."
2. 当小李子上台领取奖杯时,制片人哈维韦恩斯坦兴奋地拍拍他的背,全场观众起立为他喝彩。
3. 10.Fears of Another Tsunami
4. 德国总体排名第四。"公民权益”排名第十。“创业精神”排名第一,“教育最佳国家”排名第三。
5. assured
6. adj. 有资格的,有限制的


1. Recipient: President-elect Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton (joint winners)
2. 两名美国人因研究医生与医院、学生与学校和人体器官与被移植者之间的有效匹配,昨天被授予诺贝尔经济学奖。
3. Another fashion high-flyer making her mark on the first day of the world-famous festival was Winnie Harlow. The Canadian model - who has the skin condition vitiligo - nearly took Emily's crown, as she made a play for the attention with her elegant belle of the ball outfit.
4. 12. Is there something I am clinging to? We don’t always realize when we’re clinging to something harmful when it feels safe and familiar, whether it is an unfulfilling job, an unhealthy relationship, or a stagnant way of life. Recognize if you are clinging to something that isn’t serving you and work on taking small steps towards change and release.
5. 201505/375574.shtml
6. In comments reported by state news agency Xinhua on Thursday from a speech given at a meeting of regional leaders in Cambodia on Wednesday, Mr Li said the Chinese economy had performed above expectations in 2017 as trade reversed two years of declines.


1. 3.你必须支持我所支持的队伍。
2. We will deepen rural reform.
3. n. 浪漫的人
4. 6.The Conjuring 2:The Enfield Poltergeist
5. 制造业PMI降至5个月以来的最低水平,是由于受访企业表示,更严格的环保政策限制了业务扩张。这些政策旨在遏制每年冬天笼罩中国大部分地区的有毒烟雾。
6. 5. Fan Bingbing - $17 million


1. 毫无疑问,全世界的肠胃病学家都会感谢Emmanuel Ben-Soussan和Michel Antonietti,因为他们的研究给出了医生该如何进行结肠镜检查的推荐,从而让他们的病人发生气体爆炸的可能性降至最低。
2. Here's how the pay of prime ministers and presidents of the world's biggest economies stacks up, according to official data and converted into US dollars at market rates.
3. Japanese Three: Honda treads water while it waits for bold new designs from its Americanized management team to reach market, particularly the Acura NSX super car, which has been on the auto show circuit now for several years. Focused now on his legacy, CEO Carlos Ghosn drives executives even harder to meet targets in his latest three-year plan while he grooms a successor. As for Toyota, Automotive News declares that it is firing on “all cylinders” before its move from Southern California with fresh products in key segments.
4. Best Companies rank: 25
5. [k?n'd?kt]
6. vt. 作 ... 姿


1. For the first time, it’s a blend of two colors: Rose Quartz (a kind of mineral pink) and Serenity (a light blue). On the company’s website, the colors flow seamlessly into each other so that it’s impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends.
2. 该数据还显示,在2015年,共计有12亿6000万人次的中国观众进入电影院,这一数字也比前一年提升了大约51%。
3. 8. Across the world,China will continue to flex its might with acquisitions and transactions. Theone million Chinese in Africa will continue their efforts to lock up naturalresources.

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    The judging committee (of one) has spent weeks deciding which members of the Royal family, politicians and celebrities deserve one of these most galling of gongs to mark a grievous breach of protocol or lapse in mannerly judgement over the past year.

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