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1. Agricultural raw materials, especially the so called soft commodities such as sugar, coffee and cotton, have been among the top performers this year.
2. The EU’s Americas gambits
3. 8.Russia
4. 201011/117323.shtmlThe French actress will star alongside Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman.
5. Song “I Love You China”(Wang Feng)
6. 胡润在接受路透社采访时表示:“这是一种新型的财富创造方式。”他还表示,中国经济正在缓慢下行,中国必须适应这种方式。


1. Paris is in third place with 18.03 million forecast visitors.
2. “One employee’s parents contacted the company to let us know their son was resigning.
3. Yet, the disparity in haircuts lasted for almost two years. In fact, the pessimism and risk-aversion of the Seppenwolde lenders reduced the overall availability of leverage in Amsterdam.
4. 排名榜单前10的富人中有4人--马化腾,马云,丁磊(中国游戏开发商网易首席执行官),雷军(智能手机制造商小米创始人)来自TMT(电讯、媒体和技术)领域。
5. 鉴于FIFA世界杯将于2018年在俄罗斯举办,届时的旅游成本会大大提高,所以选择在2017年去可谓是明智之举。
6. Here's how the pay of prime ministers and presidents of the world's biggest economies stacks up, according to official data and converted into US dollars at market rates.


1. Companies do have black lists. It's not written down anywhere but it's a list of people they'd be happy to get rid of if the opportunity arises. If you feel invisible, if you're getting bad assignments, if your boss is ignoring you, or if they move your office, you're probably on it.
2. 骑行背带
3. But because I can’t help but hope that with the end of “Mad Men” comes the end of a period in fashion that has seen designers become trapped in the past to an almost stifling degree. At least the past as it looked in the 1960s (which in the beginning, let us not forget, looked a lot like the late 1950s) and early ’70s.
4. 全食首席执行官约翰麦基
5. 简言之,那个时代与当今时代极为相似,一些最哗众取宠的权威人士,要么将其捧上天,要么把其贬得一文不值。
6. 其他两家手机制造商OPPO和vivo的增长率都超过了100%,在2016年分别出货9940万台和7730万台。


1. Airbnb Showdown
2. However, 2016 saw the rise of Chinese mobile phone-makers. Huawei shipments grew 30.2 percent year on year to 139.3 million units, and the company retained its No. 3 position globally.
3. 看看这些:
4. Gender diversity is increasing among graduates working in the financial industry, according to data collected for the 2017 edition of the Financial Times ranking of masters in finance programmes.
5. In fact, academic research suggests that other economic and social transformations unfolding at the same time have led many people to anchor themselves more fully in their whiteness — even as whiteness itself has lost currency.
6. 那些具有3年驾驶经历,无重大交通事故、危险驾驶、吸毒、酒驾记录的司机将可参加网约车考试。


1. A major disruption still could push oil higher, but potential oversupply makes even that less likely. Emerging-market demand once kept supply so tight that any disruptions led to striking price moves, said Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank.
2. 祝福您,新年快乐。
3. 9. Add Personality

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