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1. 吉尔伯特说:“我们很容易看到,在当下的市场中,领头羊们都处在相当脆弱危险的地位。看看他们在每款新设备上做出创新的速度,我们可以很明显地发现这一点。”
2. 周二发布的官方数据显示,中国的出口在今年10月出现了连续第二个月收缩,这表明内需是PPI上涨的主要推动因素。
3. Chinese state media reported that box office revenue growth was 13.5 percent in 2017, with this year marking only a modest decline.
5. Shipments of cellphones made by Chinese companies reached 498 million in 2016, accounting for 88.9% of the country's total shipments, according to the report from the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology.
6. For democrats, the outburst of such primal emotions is disturbing because they are so hard to contain.


1. CCTV reported Friday morning that teams would still try to lift the vessel.
2. Sometimes Anna’s hair, which is lighter than Ms. Chastain’s natural color, is pulled back, creating layers and a bit of playfulness, but still maintaining authority.
3. China's 16 listed banks have cut their dividend payouts for the past year amid slowing net profit growth.
4. 当地媒体上周三报道,中国西南部重庆市的一名学生因嫌同学上课吵闹而试图下毒,被判有期徒刑一年。
5. 游戏平台:Xbox One, Xbox 360
6. In this Jan. 15, 2008, file photo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new MacBook Air after giving the keynote address at the Apple MacWorld Conference in San Francisco


1. 伦敦商学院的学员品质优秀,这让该商学院尤其具有价值。一位2011届的MBA学员表示:“跻身于如此人才济济的学习环境让我坚信,我可以独立做成某些事情。”
2. n. 薄片,切片
3. 深化生态文明体制改革。
4. 你没有学到新的东西
5. 休伊·沃表示,每架飞机每天飞行12到16个航段,每个航班晚点都很容易造成当天几个航班的延误。为了解决这个问题,航空公司的系统运行和控制中心会在必要时做出调整。这可能涉及到把备用飞机和临时机组成员排入时间表,确保航班的准时到达。
6. Whatever happened to ‘Never complain; never explain' – the unofficial motto of the House of Windsor?


1. Baby Driver is so much fun, although it's not necessarily non-stop LOLs, it's definitely non-stop lowercase lols.
2. SplashData公司建议,使用榜单上出现的密码的用户和公司赶快修改自己的密码。SplashData公司警告称,用数字代替字母的常见密码,像“dr4mat1c”,也很容易遭到破解,因为现在密码入侵者的科技手段也越来越高端了。
3. The Nets should really feel free to tank out if only to get assets for the players who aren't integral to culture change and won't be on the next very good Brooklyn team. That means Brook Lopez, basically. The market on him is weird, but presuming it exists, it should be explored.
4. 泰勒·斯威夫特《名誉》
5. n. 蛋白质
6. 10.Fears of Another Tsunami


1. coach
2. 9. The Chinese militarywill demand and receive vastly expanded investments in the form of advancedaircraft and ships.
3. infect+ion→传染;感化

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